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If you ever think I’m ever going to fall in love with a going-nowhere-fast… shit-faced cripple like you… that’s never going to happen, Eddie.

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Eddie Redmayne's edgy Mary Poppins and other spoof musicals

The Guardian’s a bit late to the party, but you can vote for Eddie Redmayne’s Manny the Musical


Thanks to @ for sharing these (cropped because they include adorable children) :) Edited because Helen gave permission to share the photos with the girls

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The Other Boleyn girl - deleted scenes with Ben. I cry.

They had have to delete some of his scenes from the movie, in a view that people could pay attention to the others persons on screen, I am afraid. This is why Cumberbatch should play only main roles for ever.

Oh FFS! I had seen these scenes before, but this is the best quality version I’ve seen, He just breaks my heart. I need to get the DVD with the extras on it. Mine doesn’t have any.

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Eddie Redmayne in Tess of the D’Ubervilles; pt 2