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I love these shows, but by God they have a lot of problems.

i think this is my favourite thing to come out of this meme. it’s like this meme was literally made for this.

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bitch pls friedrich used to make edits about sherlock before it was mainstream


bitch pls friedrich used to make edits about sherlock before it was mainstream

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'The Theory of Everything': Oscar Buzz is beginning to build for Eddie Redmayne |

What’s interesting to me about this pretty strong response to the Trailer is that it doesn’t show off anything particularly unique. In many ways, you could almost argue it’s a remake of A Beautiful Mind, more or less. The praise is almost entirely centered around the two main performances and the newfound enthusiasm for them. Redmayne especially looks to give the heartbreaking and showy performance that awards are built for. Jones is always strong too, as she’s one of the best up and coming actresses in the business. Provided the role is more than just the typical supportive spouse part, she should be in contention as well (and even then, the Academy does like to cite that kind of performance as well). Sight unseen, it’s hard to argue against this as a potential contender for many awards during the precursor season.

Regardless, I suspect Redmayne will be heavily in contention almost no matter what, with Jones not far behind. The material is certainly set up for them to succeed in a big way…

Eddie Redmayne & Jamie Dornan taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge

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one of my favorite things about the ice bucket challenge is that in this gif


you see him spitting out a shit ton of water at the end because he’s so dumb and had his giant mouth wide open and got a giant mouth full of ice water

Eddie Redmayne does the ALS ice bucket challenge

Eddie Redmayne’s beautiful hands

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